The Bug & Mini Co Story

How do we write our story when it is just beginning?!

Even though Bug & Mini – the business – is brand new, our family’s elderberry syrup recipe is not. Since 2015, our family has used elderberry syrup. When we first started using it, we used one of the brands that you can get at the store. It was good…served its purpose…but…it became very expensive to keep buying for our growing family! Plus, I had a few concerns about the ingredients in the one we were using. So, like many others, I started researching how to make my own!

Then after lots of research, I bought all the things to make our first batch! After making our first batch, I wasn’t so sure about it…after all, its less “syrupy” than I expected and definitely more watery than the brand we were used to. But, after tasting it – I knew I wouldn’t go back to the other brand!

But the real test was to get a picky 3 year old and 1 year old to like it.

I bet you can guess what happened….

They LIKED it! The one year old LOVED it!

That was 3 years ago, and we have used this same recipe all these years.

Our core recipe is pretty basic – we don’t add any other herbs and we don’t add any essential oils. Our recipe is from real food ingredients: fresh-frozen elderberries, raw honey, real lemons, and real oranges. We use fresh-frozen berries in our recipe because they taste better! Maybe a bit more tart, but our family likes it that way!

Fast forward to October 2019. Being a business owner and entrepreneur, I was trying to figure out something our girls could do for a business, so they can start learning about owning a business. And then I got the idea that they could start a business making and selling our family’s elderberry syrup!

And Bug & Mini Co was created! Bug and Mini Co is named after our girls, Hannah (7) and Harlow (4), who are affectionately known as Bug and Mini.

As of right now, we are only selling our “core” recipe, but we have plans to sell variations of our recipe within the next year. We also sell dried elderberries for those that wish to make their own syrup, and have plans to expand into a DIY Elderberry Syrup kit based on our core recipe!

We are so excited to share our family’s recipe with you, and we hope that you not only give our brand a try, but that you love it as much as we do.

Jennifer Antiel

(Bug & Mini’s Mom)

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